Tuesday, September 5, 2017

To sell or not to sell?

I had an offer earlier this week to buy my domain.  I've owned it since 1998, which is when the previous owner (Olesen Stage Lighting, now either defunct or renamed three times over) let the registration lapse.  That was during the glory days of domain hoarding, so I was quite pleased when it came available.

For about 10 years, my dad's company used it, and I used it for another couple years when I was doing consulting.  But since then, it's been a little more than a placeholder without any significant use.

I'll admit -- selling is something I would consider for the right price, but how exactly do you place a value on your name?

PGA golfer Thorbjorn Olesen's agent didn't think it was worth buying.  He offered $100 "to take it off my hands" and what might be a far distant relative in Denmark offered several times that for a personal page he wanted to put together.

Maybe someone else could put it to better use, but I guess I'm a bit attached to my name.  It's a rare thing to own your last name as a web domain -- only one of each family can do that for every top level domain, and I've owned the .com domain longer than I've owned any car, house, or pair of boots.

But do keep the offers coming.  I just might be motivated enough to do it the next time...

For now, I'll probably pass.


  1. Hi Mr Olesen.
    Im interested in your domain: Olesen.com
    Please contact me on e-mail: eirik_olesen@yahoo.no
    Thank you.
    Best regards
    Eirik Olesen

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  4. Hi. I'm interested in buying your domain olesen.com for $800.
    I want to use it for a business I'm starting next month, but unfortunately I can't find your contact details, so I hope to hear from you very soon - thanks.

  5. If you decide to sell let me know please. jolesen@jolesen.com


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