Thursday, April 1, 1971

Commuter CNW E8 Proof of Concept

For the engine, I took the F7 textures from the BLW_CNW_F7 and modified them to fit the UP E9 shapefile (which required compressing the width slightly), and also moved around the panel seams & added the portholes & door (using the BLW UP E unit as a guide for approximate spacing)...  I also modified the ENG file lighting so that the lower headlight is the main and matches the vertical alignment.

It's weathered to look like a CNW unit would have by the time they took over in commuter service, however to be really authentic, the top headlight needs to be covered up with a blank metal plate and the 1970's E8's would have mufflers for the HEP with the twin vent openings aft of the last porthole restored to be a full panel... 

For the PS Commuter cars, I created a BLW_CNW_CommuterPS folder, and modified the cab textures to take out the cab window, and applied them to the BLW_CNW_Commuter\CNWCom_7600 shapefile.  

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