Tuesday, June 1, 1971

BLW ZT IC comparison to CNW Pack

Cars and locomotives in the IC pack are very similar to what would be needed for the CNW 

Thursday, April 1, 1971

Commuter CNW E8 Proof of Concept

For the engine, I took the F7 textures from the BLW_CNW_F7 and modified them to fit the UP E9 shapefile (which required compressing the width slightly), and also moved around the panel seams & added the portholes & door (using the BLW UP E unit as a guide for approximate spacing)...  I also modified the ENG file lighting so that the lower headlight is the main and matches the vertical alignment.

It's weathered to look like a CNW unit would have by the time they took over in commuter service, however to be really authentic, the top headlight needs to be covered up with a blank metal plate and the 1970's E8's would have mufflers for the HEP with the twin vent openings aft of the last porthole restored to be a full panel... 

For the PS Commuter cars, I created a BLW_CNW_CommuterPS folder, and modified the cab textures to take out the cab window, and applied them to the BLW_CNW_Commuter\CNWCom_7600 shapefile.  

For the single level cars, I started with the new BLW/ZT shapefile in their Illinois Central City of New Orleans set, and mixed up some of the window patterns on floorplans that were similar to the CNW's, with textures and colors on the bi-levels.  The biggest problem was the single door, which I was able to recreate from one of my photos of the CNW 553 club car that still was operating on Metra as of 2021.